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Abu Dhabi allows manufacturers to use 'Made in Abu Dhabi' sign on products

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is also adding the sign to industrial and manufacturing licenses it issues.

The Industrial Development Bureau, an Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (Added) agency, is allowing manufacturers and industrial companies in the emirate to use “Made in Abu Dhabi” sign on their products in an effort to support local production.

The department is also adding the sign to all industrial and manufacturing licenses it issues, Added said in a statement on Tuesday. The move is part of Abu Dhabi’s efforts to increase the visibility and brand trustworthiness of all items and organisations bearing the mark.

The campaign aims to promote the local products' “competitiveness and supports manufacturers across the emirate”, and will give the local production an “added value”, Rashid Al Blooshi, undersecretary of Added, said.

The “Made in Abu Dhabi” campaign by the department targets to put the logo on more than 3,340 products, produced by about 888 factories in Abu Dhabi that have a total investment value of Dh369.32 billion ($100.63bn).

These factories are spread across the emirate, with 678 units in Abu Dhabi, 181 in Al Ain and 29 in Al Dhafra region, according to the statement.

Developing the emirate’s non-oil industrial and manufacturing sector and supporting small and medium-sized businesses are central planks of Abu Dhabi economic diversification and development agenda.

The department is keen to support the manufacturing sector of Abu Dhabi, especially the small and medium-sized businesses and help them expand their investments across industrial and agricultural production sectors, Added said.

The “Made in Abu Dhabi” campaign compliments the government agenda and will help in attracting more local investors to the manufacturing sector, as well as boosting entrepreneurship in Abu Dhabi, Mr Al Blooshi said.

The move to allow manufacturers to use the signs on their products is the next step in the campaign that started by displaying the sign at sales outlets.

The department, which has started a dedicated Instagram account for the campaign, has also allowed manufacturers to use “Made in Abu Dhabi” sign on their websites, social media platforms and other marketing platforms and tools.

Abu Dhabi's efforts to encourage locally-made products is part of its ambitions to achieve self-sufficiency in production of basic goods and increase the private sector's contribution to manufacturing. The emirate is also providing various incentives to attract investors to manufacturing and strengthen the local supply chain.

Last year, Added launched a basic industries project that seeks to attract investment in food production, medical supplies, power generation and important materials such as iron, aluminium and cement.

Source: The National News
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